Scale Back Alabama
Scale Back Alabama

2014 Winners - Individuals

The following five individuals lost at least one pound and will receive a check in the mail for $50 each:

Backlog Reduction

Justin Stiles

Fat You're Just Somebody That I Used to Know

Penny Jones

L.A. Losers

Mike Dolihite

Purple Hat Club

Kathy Thompson


Randall Miller

The following 50 individuals lost at least 10 pounds and will receive a check in the mail for $100 each:

3 Pounds And An Ounce

Caleb White

Ain't Nobody Got Time For Fat

Brenda Maharrey

Assorted Chocolates

Amey Blackmon

Baby Got Scale Back

Kevin Taunton

Beyond Critical Mass

Danny Elegante

Breaking Big

Renae Venable

Bye Bye Brusters

Tammy Staley


TJ Johnston

Cast A Weighs

Terry Bess

CFO Angles

Francine Jones

Changin' Our Weighs

Wesley Gallops

Drop It Like It's Hot

Mary Smith


Isaac Asensio

Fast & Furious Fantastic 4 Get Fit Crew

Kerry Gordon

Fat Burners

Miranda Duke

Fat Chance With Slim Expectations

Devin Harrison

Four Horszman

Alvin Osborne


Dianne Lindsey


Kevin Tatum

H.J. Construction (Hugh Jas)

Niki Turpen


Linda Stowe

I See Fat People

James Cowan

Luscious Losers

Voncile Johnson


Gene Uhl

Mission Possible

Conetha Smith

Mission Slimpossible

Tasheka Burkes

No Competition

Ryan Parr


Samuel Wilkie


Emily Engle

Reverse The Curves

Lynne Williams

Southern Belles

Kathy Arnet

Team Maybe

Andreas Ogger

Team Terrific

Kim Jeffries

The Bus

Jay Ford

The Feedbacks

Danny Dettwiller

The Phatastic Four

Radley Holland

Trim Down

Shirley James

Thin It To Win It

Lisa Dodd

Thin It To Win It

Tammy Crow

Under The Bus

Johnny Fulmer

Waist Management

Aaron Chiu

Weapons of Mass Reduction

Connie Self

Weapons of Mass Reduction

Mat Vickery

Weight 4 It

Nancy King

Weight Warriors

Sue Rodger

Weight Watching Women

Cheryl Thompson

Weight Weight Gone

Lorelle Johnson

What Does The Scale Say?

Betsy Weeden

Why Weight?

Linda Levine


John Higginbotham

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